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Rox on Fireside w KK Podcast - interview

November 27, 2019

Rox talks with producer Kaylah Key about modeling, acting, and bears, oh my! 30min.

Roxanna now on Soundcloud, Bandcamp...

January 01, 2020

Rox has been busy making music this year - an explosion of expression that's been building up under pressure for so many years. Give a listen and follow the journey... 

Roxanna Redfoot and Karol Marie as bull-riding sirens tempting Paul Cauthen for his music video Cocaine Country Dancing.

cocaine country dancing full video:

more of paul's tunes

Rox poles 4 @itsdevibitch Joy Division cover "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

February 14, 2019

@itsdevibitch music vid shot by @willvonbolton <3 assists: @samuelculp @thook07

Bryce Bangs "Evil Roams" music vid., feat Rox as devil Ex

October 31, 2018

After some whiskey, Rox works up her vengeful appetite via violent hair-whipping atop the pool table, gains control of a zombie dance mob, and hunts down frontman Bryce.

From The Blue Grass Situation


“We were so lucky to work with Josh David Jordan on the ‘Garage Sale’ video. He’s just wrapped his first feature This World Won’t Break, and I thought it would be cool to incorporate his movie’s world and characters in the video. His mind and vision are stunning. It stars the ever-so-talented Roxanna Redfoot as the girl tossing the guy (Greg Schroeder) out as she revels in her in her own debaucherous depravity. We shot it in Tim Delaughter’s (Tripping Daisy/Polyphonic Spree) mother-in-law’s house minutes before they tore it down — so we could really make a mess without any relative aftermath — which was very cool. All in all it was such a fun day. Then Josh ‘got’ to edit it. Great times.” — John Pedigo

A note from Rox:

I had a blast shooting this video. Hard to turn down an excuse to drink free Lonestar Beer and chain smoke with your pals at 9 am on a weekday. But even better is they let me go rockstar in this old house – table flipping, shattering wine glasses against the wall, spitting. chugging, kicking, giving the finger, and ...of course... hooping! Truly therapeutic. HUGE THANK YOU to the crew on this set as well as This World Won't Break for bringing their ALL and their passion to these projects despite our lack of budget! Love you guys! Hope it shows in our work (I think it does;)).


Rox serving herself some whiskey at the print shop in LA with a hot-off-the-press print of @DavidYarrow's  "The Usual Suspects" before a showing at Art Angels LA.

The print can currently be seen in Dallas at Samuel Lynne Gallery and at Al Biernat's Oak Lawn location – big thanks to them for their support! xx


Roxanna for ROXOR Gin

January 01, 2018

Roxanna Redfoot and Dallas distilled ROXOR Gin have teamed up to bring you the best botanical, 90 proof gin in the most beautiful package. #PartyLikeARoxStar

Hooping.Org "Roxanna Redfoot Hula Hoops on TMZ and Beyond"

by Philo Hagen

Roxanna Redfoot hula hoops and not only does the model and rising star know how to keep it spinning around her waist, it turns out she’s got some pretty impressive hoop dance skills and flow too....... Read More at Hooping.Org

by Lisa Petty

. . . Roxanna Redfoot’s singular story traces an “awkward” biology major’s journey to in-demand international model. And speaking of unexpected, she’ll throw out some neuroscience research facts and a highly unusual hobby along the way. Read on for the scoop.

Roxanna Redfoot is an American model based in Dallas, Texas. Roxanna found herself in the fashion industry by chance, ditching her career in restaurant management to explore her creative side with The Campbell Agency. Since beginning modeling a couple years ago, Roxanna's versatile look has allowed her work to range from classic and commercial, to edgy and editorial..... READ MORE

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